Ben is in an upscale pastry shop in a wealthy part of town where he makes eye contact with a beautiful, well dressed, dark-haired woman. He approaches her and the two have an instantly sensual conversation. Natalie is looking at desserts in a glass case when Ben approaches. She doesn’t turn around but speaks to his reflection in the dessert case. “Its tough to decide isn’t it? ” Ben says. “No, Natalie responds. Not when you know exactly what you want.” Natalie’s fingernail glides across the glass case. “You’re decisive. It all looks so good. How do you know which one to get?” Ben leans in closer. “I just get what pleases me most, and I keep coming back for it again and again,” Natalie says bending towards the case very slightly. Her pencil skirt accentuates her hips. “Have you ever tasted anything else?” Ben asks. “Of course, but nothing compares,” Natalie says wistfully. Ben inches closer. He is peering over Natalie’s shoulder. “Then, I want what you want. I want to see how special it is.” Ben says. “It’s very, very special. So rich, so sweet, the texture is so smooth. You have to eat it slowly – appreciate it.” Natalie says softly turning slightly towards Ben. “If you have it, it’s all you’ll ever want.”

“Well, then. I’d really like to taste it – slowly, enjoying every bite.” Ben boldly puts his fingertips on Natalie’s lower back, touching her white silk blouse. It’s where Tony would touch her. It sends electricity through her. Her eyes widen and she turns towards Ben and the two are face to face staring into each other’s eyes intensely. The girl at the counter walks up and Ben orders two. Natalie says, “No, just one. We can share.”

(Excerpt from a short story – Playthings)