Hello, I’m Art Henson. I live by the mantra, “Creativity is Life.” I began my creative journey as a curious kid who built robots, doodled in class, and wrote fantastical stories. I followed my passion for creativity and earned a degree in Advertising. I freelanced and then opened a strategic marketing agency in Portland, Maine. I have worked to solve marketing challenges for clients in a broad range of industries such as government, technology, higher education, retail, manufacturing, and even organic bison farming.

One of my most interesting entrepreneurial ventures was starting a small manufacturing company, serving the under-bridge utility industry. I created a more affordable fiberglass product to shield pipes from the wear and tear of metal hanger systems. I designed and built my machines and hired my teenage kids to work with me on the production line. The shields, purchased by one of the largest subcontractors in the industry, can be found under bridges in Miami, Charlotte, Atlanta, and other cities around the country.

Currently, I’m the CMO for K2 Scientific. I have the challenging task of marketing vaccine refrigerators and freezers in a highly competitive market. Since joining the K2 Scientific team, the company has seen over 130% growth.

I keep my creative juices flowing by volunteering with Innovate Charlotte and working on my first book – all about the creative process. I love the outdoors, I’m an avid kayaker, mountain biker, runner, photographer, occasional fashion model, and inventor.


“Learn about your unique creative personality and your critical role in the innovation process.” 

Creativity is critical in nearly all business functions. Unfortunately, most people don’t see themselves as creative. The fact is, we’re all creative. We just have different “creative personalities.”

This workshop will help participants learn their “creative personality” and how they play an essential role in the creative process. Once teams understand their creative strengths and learn the “keys to innovation,” they