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I’m Art Henson and the world is my creative playground. I naturally look at things differently. I have a curiosity and playfulness that I bring to my creative work. 

I’m an expert presenter with experience delivering pitches, hosting events and conducting video interviews. 

I enjoy being a mentor and manager. I have led teams, managed vendors/agencies and trained customers.

• 25+ years doing all things creative and marketing
• Creative leadership roles from Art Director to CMO
• Never applied for awards because client success is the goal
• I do the work but the work is not my identity – it’s to serve the client
• Minimalist – if it’s in the design it better be doing something
• Fighting to keep good typography alive in a Canva world

Graphic Design – Writing – Photography – Marketing Strategy – Branding – Video – Web Development – Illustration

Advertising Campaign for Westfield State Events (in-progress)

The campaign is built around the statement, “It’s all here.” WSU has all of the services necessary for event planners and HR directors to host events and interns next summer.

Ad campaign for M.R. Brewer Fine Woodworking

The play on words adds an emotional component that excites the viewer about the renovating possibilities. It supports the M.R. Brewer design process that is focused on the human side rather than just aesthetics – Rethink Renovation.

Writing / Design / Photography

Logos / Brand Identities

Branding and New Product Launch

Automotive Advertising and Design

Magazine Design and Article Writing

Print / Digital Ads

Event Branding and Marketing – ChampBoat

Event Branding and Marketing – Technibilt

Event theme and experience design for the national sales staff for Technibilt. 

Advertising – Writing / Design / Photography

Photography / Art Direction

Additional Work